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Dec 25, 2011 9:00am EST
to syria where the foreign press is banned and more than 5,000 syrians have been killed according to the united nations. the presidents assad had the gol that he wasn't to blame for the violence. he said in an exclusive interview with barbara walters. >> do you think that your forces cracked down too hard? >> they're not my forces. they are forces that belong to the government. i don't own the country. >> but you have -- >> reporter:ictatordictators, disassembling for to see. no doubt who he was running the show in syria. >> he's calling the shots. i think bah shar needs to reach out to the people. >> reporter: assad ignored that advice. what does this all upheaval for the region and for the united states? the big fear has always been that well-organized islamic parties, would emerge as the strongest and turn the arab world turns islamic fundament fundamentali fundamentalism. with the first elections taking place, grassroots experience is paying off. it pains to insist their islam is not at odds with democracy. in egypt the muslim brotherhood did win the biggest bloc in this month
Dec 26, 2011 11:00pm EST
, doug 33kelway, fox news..- mooe amateur video is emerging of the violence in syria.... . activists say government troops are shelling the area with mortars and spraying heavyymachine gun fire today he area is the center for anti-government repeated crackdowns by the - syrian regime. reports say.. at least twenty-three people were killed in the intense shelling -- which activists say is targeting "anyone who moves" syrian officials are not commenting on the violence in the area... and insist....its the terroriss groups attackiig civilians.. happens to pass a burning home ... and saves two people's live. way home after a christmas s - dinner when he saw smoke and flames shooting out of this house.he stopped the car and did what he's trained to do -- rescue people. 1:13 i was aale to look in the backyard and found a ladder, put it up to them 1:17 1:171:22 just able to make it touch the bottom of the balcony, and i helped the two people down the balcony to safety." 1:36 1:361:45 "i'm just glad i happened to be there and was able to help the peop
Dec 11, 2011 9:00am EST
, syria and iraq are invented people. >> i think he wins that argument. it was needlessly provocative . that is a weakness that newt gingrich tries to put a historical gloss. it pegoes back to the ottoman empire . he forgets we are in a delicate diplomacy. and this is a way to provoke them and suggest they have no right to any kind of state. his worry last night hoe put it in the context of palestinian continued attacks on israel and the terror. and that is a better way to construct the argument. >> chris: liz, you agree with that as a foreign policy thinker. >> i gree with what paul said. the challenge here, you don't want it focused on the sount bite. you want the attention focused on president obama has the worst relationship with the state of israel than any president had in a long time . you have iran six or eight months obtaining a nuclear weapon and we should be working closely with the arabs and israelis on a range of issues including iran. that's what we should be focused on and not our own talking points >> chris: mara, what juan said, newt gingrich would be a general electi
Dec 23, 2011 6:00am EST
begin with breaking news. a massive escalation in the bloody uprising in syria. two bombings ripped through the heart of damascus today, targeting a government security building and the equivalent of syria's cia. at least 30 people have been killed. now, 5,000 people have already died in the uprising this year. but this is the first, significant violence in the capital and comes just one day after arab league observers arrive, hoping to find a peaceful resolution there. the syrian government is blaming al qaeda for today's attacks. >>> meanwhile, the other breaking story overnight, new zealand jolted by another strong earthquake. people in christchurch, who are just rebuilding after last year's killer quake. ran, fearing the worst. and rightly so. no serious damage has been reported. the 5.8 magnitude quake did collapse, though, the side of a cliff. you can see it there. four people had to be rescued after that rockslide. 182 people died back in last february's quake. >>> and the scandal over misidentified and misplaced graves at arlington national cemetery is widening this morning.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4